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Zero Friction 1 oz Needle Oiler 

Premium Ultra-High Technologically Advanced Synthetic Lubricant Specifically Designed for Firearms and Knives

Zero Friction’s combination of a premium synthetic base and Extreme Pressure, Anti-Wear, Anti-Oxidants, and Rust Preventative Additives provide Superior smooth performance and Protection on all moving metal parts. 

Extreme Heat & Cold Multi-Functional Lubrication operating from -75 degrees to over 450 degrees F.


Code: ZF-1

Price: $4.99

1-Step Cleaner & Lubricant

Excellent For: Lead, Powder, Plastic & Copper Fouling
Repeated use protects the b
ore and lessens fouling/residue buildup
Makes gun bores & actions easier to clean
Cleans and eliminates stiff actions, jamming, and loosens rusted parts.
Lubricates and Protects: Rust inhibitors and special additives penetrate the metal and provide a corrosion barrier for superior rust protection
Synthetic: Super Proprietary formula is based on a unique blend of NON-HAZARDOUS & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS.

Pro-Shot’s Revolutionary 1-Step in a 1 oz. Bottle with pinpoint accuracy! Now you can use one drop exactly where you need it without all the mess. Great for those areas otherwise unreachable with traditional application methods.

Code: 1-STEP-8

Price: $9.95

Polymer Safe Quick Scrub

Aerosol 12.5 ozs.

Harmless To Polymers, Plastics, and Camouflage Finishes, yet Quickly Flushes Away Fouling. Perfect for Cleaning Actions and Trigger Assembly (Without Disassembling). Works Great on all Firearms.

Solves most malfunctions by removing problem fouling:
• Residue 
• Powder fouling
• Soft carbon

• Actions perform smoother (even in cold weather)
• Will not harm delicate optics or sights
• Firearm disassembly not required
• Quickly evaporates
• Safe to use on polymers, plastics, synthetic stocks, bluing, Teflon®, paint, camouflage and wood finishes.

Code: Quick S

Price: $ 10.95

Classic Box Kit 12 Gauge Shotgun


12 Gauge Shotgun Kit contains the following:
5 Qty. 1/4 Inch Premium Stainless Micro-Polished Gun Cleaning Rods 
"32.5 Inch / 82.55cm total working length"
Full Sized Anodized Aluminum Handle
Patch Holder 410 - 10 Gauge Shotgun
12 Gauge Brass Cleaning Jag
12 Gauge Wool Mop
Next Generation 1 Step Gun Cleaner & Lubricant
World Famous 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches
Double Ended Nylon Bristle Gun Brush
Pro-Gold Grease
Silicone Treated Gun Cloth
All Rifle & Pistol Accessories are standard industry 8/32 thread

Shotgun Accessories are standard industry 5/16-27 thread


Code: Box Kit 12

Price: $ 39.95


12 Gauge Gas Cylinder Brush

This bronze bristled brush will fit in the gas cylinder of a 1100 Remington, Winchester Super X and Beretta. Residue builds up in the gas cylinder. When excessive, it can stop the gun from working. This is the most important area to keep clean for reliable gun functioning.


Code: GC12

Price: $16.95

Shotgun Chamber Tool

This 8” non-swivel tool has a large shotgun chamber brush that makes it easy to clean residue from chambers. Helps stop misfires and poor ejection caused by chamber fouling. Excellent for use on semi auto shotguns. Brush is replaceable.

Code: CH20 (20 Ga)

Code: CH12 (12 Ga)

Price: $16.95

12 Ga. Replacement Chamber Brush

12 Ga. Chamber Brush for Semi-Auto Shotguns

Brass Core Phos. Bronze Bristle chamber brush. 

Replacement Brush for Chamber Tool "Item#CH12"

Standard Industry #5/16-27 Shotgun threads 


Price: $8.95

Hoppe's BoreSnake


Combines cleaning steps in one pass

Just one pass needed

Lightweight and compact

No exposed metal to damage rifling

The Bore Snake is definitely the world's fastest bore cleaner. Crafted with a series of built-in brushes, it combines all the cleaning processes into one simple step, effectively cleaning your bore in a single pass. First, an initial floss area brushes the action then removes loose grit and debris in the bore prior to the main scrubbing. Finally, the main floss, with 160 times more floss than a standard cleaning patch, super-scrubs the bore to a mirror-like finish. Brass-weighted drop-through cord slips easily down the barrel, simply grasp and pull cord through the barrel - one pull through does it all. Lightweight and compact, it's easy to take to even the most remote hunting destination. There's no exposed metal to damage the rifling or crown, and no assembly is required. And it is solvent safe, washable and reusable hundreds of times. Available for rifles, shotguns and pistols.


Price: $19.95

Brass Shotgun Patch Holder

Extended reach brass patch holder will fit from 10-410 Gauge.

Especially good for small gauge applications.


Code:  PH

Price: $2.79

Choke/Chamber Tool for Shotguns

Use with a bore brush for screw in choke area, and use with a standard or Payne Galway type chamber brush for chambers - works for 10-410 GA. Quality full brass spring loaded snap caps. Quantity 2 per package. Excellent for semi-auto, over/under, & side by side 12 Ga. shotguns.

Code: CH-Tool

Price: $12.95

12 Ga. Wool Mop Brass Snap Caps


Many gun manufacturers recommend storing shotguns with the cocking springs tension let off. This can add to the functional life of the shotgun and keep it in optimum working order. Our snap caps are made with beautiful brass heads, which have spring loaded firing pins for the ease of tension that is released when shotgun is fired. Pro-Shot's quality brass snap caps have wool mops with natural lanolin that fit into the chamber area for chamber rust protection. Oil such as our Zero Friction may be added to wool mop for extra rust protection.


Code: 12SC

Price: $16.99 Pair



Silicone Cloth

Silicone Cloth 14" x 15" -210 Square Inches

Our Silicone cloth has become a shooters favorite, made of double napped 100% American cotton flannel and double treated with pure silicone. 

Removes fingerprints, potentially corrosive epidermal oils, polishes, and cleans. 

Packaged in a reclosable poly bag. 

After use place cloth back into reclosable poly bag to help cloth stay moist after use. 

Code: SIL-Cloth

Price: $4.95

Pro-Shot 100% Cotton Flannel Patches


3” Square,  12 - 16 Gauge

Finished Both Sides for extra absorbency!

250 Qty. Package $8.95

500 Qty. Package  $16.95


Gun Brushes

Cleaning power for powder residues and burn marks. Makes cleaning the

face of a revolver cylinder easy. Grooved handle for a positive grip.

Code: GBB (Bronze)

Code: GBN (Nylon)

Price: $2.99

Shotgun Brushes

Brass core and bronze bristles with a looped end.

Available 12Ga. and 10Ga.

Code: 20S (20 Ga.)

Code: 12S (12 Ga.)

Code: 10S (10 Ga.)

Price: $2.95

12 GA Heavy Duty Choke & Chamber Brush

This chamber brush features bronze bristles with a looped end. 

A 20mm diameter is perfect for the chamber of most 12 gauge shotguns. 

Standard #5/16-27 American Shotgun made threads.

Code: 12SB

Price: $11.95

Payne Galway Chamber Brushes for Shotgun Chambers


Premium Chamber brush with a full fill of bristles. Cleans Chambers Fast! For use in Over and Under, Side by Side, and Single Barrel Guns. Not intended for Semi-Autos. 

Code: PG12

Price: $16.95

12 Ga. Tornado Cleaning Brush

Known as "The Gunsmith's Brush", the Tornado Cleaning Brush has a special spiral-wound design that's highly effective at removing fouling, yet won't damage your rifling. Bronze loops eliminate any bristle ends that could leave scratches.

Code: 12STO

Price: $4.99

12 Ga. Shotgun Jags

The best way to clean your shotgun fast! A brass spear tip shotgun jag draped with a patch completely covers the inside of the barrel for a better job of cleaning.


Price: $4.49

Shotgun Jag 12 Ga.

This nylon cleaning jag applies pressure on the patch to hold it against the inside of the barrel. 

Bore Tech recommends 3-1/2" patches for 10 to 20 gauge.


Code: B-Tech

Price: $8.95

10-12-16 Ga. Wool Mop

Shotgun Bore mop made with wool and a brass core. They are made of the highest quality construction possible. Mops can be used for quick cleaning and bore lubrication. Mops are especially excellent when using oil for bore lubrication because they create foaming action that helps in the lubrication process.

Standard American Shotgun #5/16-27 thread

Code: WM 12

Price: $3.00  

Pro-Gold Lubricant

A special high-quality formula grease engineered for firearm lubrication and protection. Superior performance on stainless, chrome molly, nickel, and blued firearms. Prevents metal wear in the following areas: bolt action locking lugs, actions, frame rails, shotgun hinge pins, reloading tools, bearing, gear & camming surfaces.
Pro-Gold Lubrication benefits: Easy to apply, clings to metal surfaces, doesn’t gum up, extreme heat resistance, water resistant. Temperature operating range: 0° F to 450° F.
Excellent for: Firearms, reloading tools, sports equipment, fishing tackle, compound bows



10cc syringe: $6.95


 1 oz. Jar: $6.95



2 oz. jar of synthetic grease for reloading presses.

Works great on break open shot guns.

Washes out of clothing much better than regular grease.

(Clear Formula)



Price: $12.95


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