Gun Accessories

Remington Face Saver

Rub on to keep face from sticking to stock.

Price: $8.00


 Magnetized Gun Rest 


Gun Rest 4 

This magnetic gun rests holds up to 4 guns.

 It has a magnetic strip on the backside for attaching to a metal cabinet or your vehicle out in the field.

Available in 5 different colors:

Code: PC-GR4

Price: $8.95


The FastRak, by The Outdoor Connection is an instant holding rack ideal for firearms, fishing poles, camera bi-pods or anything else that needs to be securely set aside.

The FastRak is perfect for mobility. The magnetic strip allows sportsmen to use this rack when they need to quickly install and remove a rack. The FastRak can be used in places such as; in or on a gun safe, on a vehicle, or on any metal surface.

The FastRak is perfect when a permanent rack is needed. The peel-and-stick backing can be placed on a workbench, hunting blind, or any smooth surfaces where a permanent rack is needed.

  • Magnetically Attaches To Metal Surfaces

  • Peel-N-Stick Adhesive For Permanent Installation

  • Not Affected By Inclement Weather

  • Ideal For Rifles, Shotguns, Fishing Poles, Etc.


Code: FastRak

Price: $14.95

 Shell Catchers



Precision Adjustable Comb Washers

Available in 3/8" or 7/16" Packages


Price: $19.95


12 Ga. Wool Mop Brass Snap Caps

Many gun manufacturers recommend storing shotguns with the cocking springs tension let off. This can add to the functional life of the shotgun and keep it in optimum working order. Our snap caps are made with beautiful brass heads, which have spring loaded firing pins for the ease of tension that is released when shotgun is fired. Pro-Shot's quality brass snap caps have wool mops with natural lanolin that fit into the chamber area for chamber rust protection. Oil such as our Zero Friction may be added to wool mop for extra rust protection.


Code: 12SC

Price: $16.99 Pair

12 Ga. Semi-Auto Snap Caps

Quality full brass spring loaded snap caps. Quantity 2 per package. Excellent for semi-auto, over/under, & side by side 12 Ga. shotguns.


Price: $15.50

Meadow Industries


Shoot Relaxed! Rest your back & arms with gun weight on cement between shots.

More comfortable than gun barrel on your foot

Not visible when sighting.

Secured by non-damaging 2-sided adhesive.

Easy to apply, fits 12 Gauge


For Regular Chokes: $15.95

For Long Chokes: $15.95






Meadow Industries Sight-Blinder


Only one eye sees front bead using sight-blinder. Use 2 eyes open and shoot with confidence. Works with regular front bead or fiber-optic sights. Shows "Double-Dot" of front bead when head is loose on gunstock, helps keep head down. Fits all ribs, black steel, secured by strong 2-sided adhesive. Helps you learn to shoot with 2 eyes open.

Sight Blinder crossfire reducer. Use two eyes open and shoot with confidence. Works with regular front bead & fiber-optic sights. Fits all ribs.  


Price: $16.95

Meadow Industries

Vari-Brite-Site III

Vari - Brite - Site III cross fire eliminator holds eye dominance and prevents the non-aiming eye from taking over and seeing the sight; this prevents a cross-firing miss by 6 feet at 35 yards. Many shooters with opposite eye dominance can use Vari-Brite-Site II. Comes with red, green and white light tubes Fastens to barrel with adhesives.


Sight includes Red, Green and White

Code: VBCE-3    Price: $31.95


Sight includes Red only

Code: VBCE-1R   Price: $23.95


Sight includes Green only

Code: VBCE-1G    Price: $23.95


Sight includes White only

Code: VBCE-1W    Price: $23.95

Meadow Industries

Extra 2-Sided Tape for VBCE-3 

Code: VBCE-T
Price: $3.49

Meadow Industries

The 3 Ounce Plus Barrel Weight of Meadow Industries is used to custom-balance the shotgun for better shooting performance.

Benefits Are:

    Gives a smooth Swing and follow-thru.

    Corrects lightweight "whippy" barrels caused by the factory design or custom back-boring which removes approximately 3 ounces of steel from original design.

    Add 3 Ounce Plus barrel weight to balance-out the increased weight caused by customizations of the gunstock; such as recoil-reducers and adjustable comb or butt pads.

    Effective swing weight of 3 ounces placed on the barrel near the fore end becomes 6 ounces when placed 12 inches toward the muzzle (hence the name Plus). Use 2 or more weights if needed.

    Maintains the preferred balance point near the hinge-pin of break open shotguns; balance point 1/2 inch to rear of hinge pin lets the gun move quicker.

    Increased barrel weight reduces muzzle jump and reduces felt recoil to the shooter.s

 Code: BW12-3

Price: $19.95      

Meadow Industries


fits ADJUSTABLE COMBS & others

Proven Shock Absorber for Football Helmets & Shooting Sports

1/8 inch is best: adjust comb lower for no change to pattern

Pattern point -of-impact can be raised: 1/16 in. raises 2 in. at 40 yds. 1/8 in. raises 4 in. at 40 yds.

Greatly reduces kick and quiets gun noises to your head!

1/16"    $11.95

1/8"      $11.95

Wad Knocker

Great for those stuck wad emergencies. Machined from solid brass.

Radius on each end. Won't scratch the inside of shotgun barrels. Weighs approximately 4 oz.

Code: WADK

Price: $12.95

Speed Wrench

Our fastest choke wrench allows you to remove and insert chokes in just seconds. They are easy to operate using only your index finger and thumb. Simply tighten the black thumb knob on end of wrench and the choke can be easily removed or inserted. Works great in the field, on your bench, or in any situation when you need to get your choke tubes out quickly. Lifetime Warranty.

Sporting Clays Choke Wrench
12 GA Speed Wrench

20 GA & 16 GA Speed Wrench

Code: SPW

Price: $24.95


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