Adjustable Combs

Allows comb to adjust 4 ways, up or down, and side to side, and the stock can be returned to original dimensions.
The finish on the cut of the comb will be the same as the finish already on the gun.

Adjustable Comb Hardware

Base plates and comb bushings are made of aircraft aluminum; the post, screws and nuts are stainless steel, for a
rust free working unit. Wrenches are included.

Note: Some skeet & sporting clay stocks require extra work, please call us for a quote on your stock.
Installation includes spacers and wrenches.

Installed on Trap Stocks .... $220.00 Plus Return Shipping & Handling

Special process required on most Sporting Clays Stocks .... $30.00 to $60.00 upcharge


Picture below is a 4-Way Adjustable Soft Comb covered with Leather.

Installed $275.00

Soft Comb conversions to your Comb $90.00

Duplicate Soft Combs $290.00